Sunday, August 31, 2014


Good morning, Everyone! Hope you are all enjoying your weekend! I just wanted to say a quick hello and share a one of my favorite looks from a recent ( pre-Birthday ) trip to Palm Springs. I think I probably talked enough about just how much I love white and eyelet for Summer. But it is the combination of both I find particularly irresistible. I got this pretty dress from Elodie K last week and we've been inseparable ever since:) So chic and comfortable, I love the super easy, flowy silhouette and of course the lace trim! 

On a separate note, I want to take this opportunity to say thank you for all your wonderful Birthday Wishes! Thank you so much guys, for making it such a special day for me and honestly one of the best Birthdays ever! 

Friday, August 29, 2014


Good morning, Everyone! I would like to start by saying thank you for all your wonderful Birthday wishes! Words can't describe how much they mean to me! This is actually a third birthday we celebrate together, so thank you so much again for being so sweet, kind and supportive!

If you've been following my blog for a while, you might remember that every year my family comes to visit me from Canada, so that we can spend my B-Day together. What we do on my B-Day always changes, the only constant is that we always spend this day together. Well, this year my family decided to start celebrating early, so we went out to late dinner yesterday, and at exactly 12, everyone started singing Happy Birthday and giving my my presents. I don't know about you, but I certainly don't mind starting celebrations early:) And I definitely don't mind receiving my presents early as well:) 

Now talking about gifts, patience is definitely not a virtue of mine. Ever since I was little, I was always able to find my presents early, no matter how much my parents tried to hide them from me. Well, to be quite honest with you, not a lot has changed since. I caught Emil trying to sneak a little bag in the house yesterday and as much as he tried hide it, when it comes to presents, I have a sixth sense:) So, I got to open my present right there and then! I think I have mentioned a few times just how obsessed I am with Pandora jewelry, so Emil got me the beautiful Star Sign Essence Collection bracelet and charms, I'm wearing in this post. The first of three charms has a beautiful Virgo sign, the blue one, which just happens to be my favorite color, stands for loyalty and the third one in sterling silver, represents honesty. Aside of course from the fact that the bracelet and charms are absolutely beautiful, the reason why I love Pandora jewelry so much is because every piece has a deep meaning, which in my opinion makes it so much more special. N'set-ce pas? 

Monday, August 25, 2014


Good morning, Everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! 

I am definitely having a denim moment lately! Though technically speaking Summer is a very long way from being over in LA, I am already starting to stock up on my Fall essentials. Well, I am not sure if you can call it stocking up for Fall, since I keep wearing whatever I buy right away:) But you know me and how I get about new things in my closet! Basically saving new items for later is just way too much temptation for me:) Since denim is basically right at the top of my Fall essentials shopping list, I've been stocking up on my favorite skinny jeans and denim shirts. 

Case in point, today's outfit. I am down right obsessed with boyfriend denim shirts! Aside from being incredibly comfortable, they go with just about anything, from leather pants and shorts, to dresses and skirts, and of course jeans, if you are a fan of the denim-on-denim look like I am. Love the particular denim shirt I'm wearing in today's post because of the super slouchy, relaxed silhouette and the of course because I am such a fan of this particular soft shade of blue. For today's look, I paired it another recent obsession of mine: skinny acid wash jeans I got from Express recently. I know I talk about fit a lot on this blog, but honestly, when it comes to jeans I am very particular about what I'm looking for. The reason why I love this pair is because it has enough stretch so that they are comfortable to wear and don't lose their shape though out the day. In another words, no stretched out knees or butt:)! I also like that they are not super tight around the lower part of the leg, because personally I feel that this particular shape is much more flattering. 

What about you guys, what do you look for in a great pair of jeans? 

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